How to protect yourself from SIM-jacking

There are several ways to protect yourself from SIM card hacking:

Not all information is intended for posting on the Internet. Do not publish confidential information about yourself online;

Do not share your confidential information with strangers;

Do not click on links in messages or emails if you are not sure of the reliability of the source;

Do not use SMS for multi-factor authentication. Instead, you can use special apps like Google Authenticator or Authy;

Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your phone (for example, messages, calls, unexpected payments, registration of new accounts) that you have not committed, and immediately report it to your telecom operator;

Update your operating system and applications regularly. Security updates often contain fixes for newly discovered vulnerabilities;

Install antivirus software on your phone. It will protect your device from malware and spyware, such as SIM-Jacker.

What to do if your SIM card is hacked

If you think that you have become a victim of SIM card hacking, there are several actions that need to be performed:

Contact your carrier. It can deactivate your SIM card and activate a new one;

Change your passwords. After receiving a new SIM card, change the passwords for all your accounts – email, social networks, online banking and any other accounts using two–factor authentication.

Warn your friends and relatives. After hacking your SIM card, attackers can contact your family and friends on your behalf to ask them for money or distribute malware among them. Therefore, if you think that your SIM card is compromised, inform your contacts about it so that they do not become the next victims.

Log in to your WhatsApp profile with a new SIM card. Cybercriminals can take over your WhatsApp account after hacking your SIM card. Be sure to re-authenticate WhatsApp after receiving a new SIM card, so that hackers cannot gain access to your profile.

Is SIM-jacking really dangerous?

SIM card hacking is a big threat, but not as common as other types of identity theft. This is due to the fact that SIM-jacking requires a high level of technical knowledge, and this attack is difficult to carry out. However, the consequences of hacking a SIM card can be devastating.